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Living on a boat and travel advise

Posted May 18, 2017, 9:54 a.m. By suicida Tags: Travel

My favorite way of travel

The best way to travel is by boat. Well, at least that's what I think. I love to travel across the oceans and feel the wind in my face. And I hate the fact that i don't own a boat. My dream is to own a big boat and live on it. Have a nice little living room in the middle of the boat. A nice little kitchen for cooking fish for dinner. I really want a nice spacious bedroom to really relax in. Just feel the way the boat moves during the nights. That's the dream. 

But for now I have to travel the normal way. But everytime I visit a new country I usually go on like a boat tour or something similar. When i went to sweden i went on the Stockholm Boat tours and it was awesome. Sweden is a really nice country with rich nature. Stockholm is right by the water and there is thousands and thousand of tiny islands everywhere. It is truly a really lovely country to visit, I recommend you visit stockholm if you're ever in sweden. If you guys ever want me to write more about my travels please let me know. I have some plans to maybe write more about how to get around in a country you never visited before. How to find stuff and what to do (sightseeing and stuff like that). I've learnt a lot during my travels and would like to share my experience with other people. I usually only write about the fun stuff and not how I actually got there and how I planned it. I think a lot of you guys would like to know things like that and I would be happy to share that stuff.